Parents are the child’s first and most important teacher. The best way to show a child that a parent values education is for the parent to become involved in the school.

All families are encouraged to volunteer at the school or parish. Any volunteer activity requiring contact with children, for example: field trips, classroom volunteering, tutoring, after school activities, mentoring extra curricular sports and activities, volunteering in the school cafeteria and others as determined by the school require that the volunteer is in compliance with the Decree on Child Protection. Learn how to ensure that here.

Volunteers must be ever mindful that they are working with children. They are required to maintain the family's’ right to privacy and not discuss student issues or personal matters in or outside of the school. In the event that a volunteer has a concern about a situation that occurred in the school, the matter should be brought to the attention of the principal. All volunteers must park in back of playground and enter door #1. Volunteers who do not follow these guidelines are not permitted to volunteer in the school. If you fall behind on your monthly bulletins, 3 or more, your volunteer status is suspended and you will not be able to volunteer.