Dress Code

The dress code at Immaculate Conception School as defined herein is to be adhered at all times by all students. The administration and faculty reserve the right to make the final decision on the appropriateness of clothing and dress. Extremes in hair, hair accessories, clothing or accessories will not be permitted. Students may not wear or carry clothing, accessories, jewelry, or any other items that promote alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, violence, illicit organizations or anything inappropriate to a Catholic School environment, or has language, pictures, or symbols that are sexually explicit or which pertain to or can be interpreted as pertaining to any of the above. This applies during the school day and to all occasions when students are in school-sponsored activities or represent Immaculate Conception School. The purpose of the dress code is to promote our Catholic identity and to foster a uniform, respectful environment at school and discourage distractions from current fashion trends.

Uniform requirements for students in grades Kindergarten through 8.

Shorts, Pants and Belts:

  • Solid plain NAVY BLUE or KHAKI pants or shorts (no stretch fabric)

  • Shorts must be knee-length

  • NO cargo style pants or shorts allowed

  • Shorts may be worn from April 1-October 31

  • Only plain black, brown or navy leather belts may be worn, no decorations of any sort.


  • WHITE or NAVY BLUE knit with a collar, plain with no logo or decoration

  • ONLY plain white t-shirts or turtlenecks may be worn under uniform shirts

  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times and be of appropriate length to be tucked in


  • Plain navy blue, royal blue, grey or with IC logo may be worn over the uniform shirt

  • No hooded sweatshirts are permitted

Skorts and Jumpers

  • Solid plain DARK NAVY or KHAKI (no stretch fabric), must be knee-length

Socks, Tights, Leggings

  • solid white, navy or black, must be to the ankle

  • only to be worn with socks, and beneath skorts or jumpers


  • Only gym shoes can be worn

  • No knee-high gym shoes

  • Students wearing boots to school in bad weather must change into gym shoes upon entering the classroom

Physical Education (P.E.) / Gym Clothes

  • Uniforms: are required to be worn on the child’s gym day.

  • Students can wear plain black shorts or athletic pants and any Immaculate Conception t-shirt.

  • Students in grades 4-8 are NOT permitted to wear leggings or bike shorts.

Shorts, Pantalones y Cinturones:

  • Pantalones o shorts de color liso AZUL MARINO o BEIGE (KHAKI) (no podrán ser de materiales elásticos), los shorts deben de llegar a la rodilla; NO está permitido usar pantalones o shorts tipo “cargo”. Los shorts pueden usarse entre Abril 1-Octubre 31.

  • Solamente se permite usar cinturones de piel de color negro, café o azul, no deben tener ningún tipo de decoración.


  • Camisas polo o blusas con botones con cuello en colores BLANCO o AZUL MARINO, de color liso sin logotipos ni decoraciones; debajo de la camisa/blusa del uniforme SÓLO se permite usar camisetas o camisas de cuello de tortuga de color blanco. Las camisas/blusas siempre deberán estar metidas dentro del pantalón y deberán ser lo suficientemente largas para que se puedan meter.

  • Sudaderas: podrán usarse sobre la camisa/blusa del uniforme y deberán ser de color liso azul marino, azul rey, gris o aquellas que tengan el logotipo de la escuela. (No está permitido el uso de sudaderas con gorro)

Faldas-pantalón (Skorts) y Vestidos (Jumpers):

  • De color liso AZUL MARINO o BEIGE (KHAKI) (no podrán ser de materiales elásticos), el largo deberá llegar hasta la rodilla.

Calcetines, Mallas y Leggings:

  • Calcetines: siempre deberán usarse calcetines. Mallas: de color liso, blanco, azul marino o negro

  • Leggings: de color liso blanco, azul marino o negro, deberán llegar hasta el tobillo y usarse con calcetines y debajo de las faldas-pantalón (skorts) o vestidos (jumpers)


  • Solamente puede usarse zapatos de deportes: Los zapatos deportivos NO podrán usarse los que llegan a la rodilla. Los alumnos que lleven botas a la escuela durante mal clima deberán cambiarse y ponerse sus zapatos de deportes en cuanto entren al salón de clases.

  • Uniformes de Educación Física (P.E., por sus siglas en inglés): es requerido que los usen el día que el niño tenga su clase de educación física.

  • Los alumnos pueden usar shorts o pantalones deportivos (pants) de color negro liso y cualquiera de las playeras con el logotipo de la escuela Immaculate Conception.

  • Lo alumnos en grados 4-8 NO tienen permitido usar leggings ni shorts de ciclista.

Preschool Students

There are no uniform guidelines for preschool students but we do require that they wear gym shoes with socks to school every day. Boots and sandals are not permitted.